Founded April 21st 2016 - The Day that Prince died.

The 'Records on the Run' VinylMobile Street Team 

​The day that Prince died we realized that the planet was minus one 'Sexy mother*' - so we brought her to life.
Much like 'Lisa' from the classic film 'Weird Science', we constructed her from old bras and ballistic missiles and junk.
 So yes, sadly, Prince is gone. But to fill the void this 'Princess' will remain one of 'the Beautiful Ones'.......

The 600 lb Gorilla: Sagg Himself  -  Nick Monroe  -  Kitty Stardust  -  Mongo Slade  -  Ed Coconut  -  Ghostface Vampire  

Teddy the PIMP  -  Randall and Amare  -  Anne Messiah  -  The Sagg Syndicate Crew 

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